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Today definitely took a turn for the worst. I’m ready to get off.


I hate that I’m a friend at convenience.
That I’m only remembered when everyone else is busy or gone.
It really fucking sucks.


Oh! And on my next day off, I’m going to stat visiting different tattoo shops and getting estimates and checking out what they’ve already done.
After I find where I want to go, I’ll set up an appointment.

Who wants to go get a tattoo with me?
No one?

So Mason and I have been talking about taking a trip together for a while. Between last night and today, we decided we’re going to save a cruise for our engagement. We’re going to see about a two week one up in Alaska. Hopefully we can book one to where we can see the Northern Lights.
After doing more research today, I think I found the perfect place. It would be either some time this fall or spring. Most likely spring. But it’s cute and romantic and I’m glad my surprise trip is first. After this, he gets to come up with something for us and I’m excited c: